AHD is 1280 x 720 Standard HD Resolution.


The very latest in traditional analogue CCTV. Altough traditional CCTV has been referred to as digital, this is a little misleading, yes the CCTV camera generates a digital image and the DVR also records a digital image, however at the camera end the signal is converted to an analogue signal for transmission down the cable and then converted back by the DVR for recording. AHD 720P CCTV cameras and AHD 720P DVRs are the best signal format for 720P analogue CCTV and is a significant step up on the long standing D1 or 960H resolution.



HD-SDI CCTV is 1920 x 1080 Full HD 1080P Resolution.


Higher resolution than SKY HD 1080i


Enjoy full high definition images in real time with HD-SDI. The systems can handle audio for every camera channel and can also handle connection to a P.A system so that you can even broadcast to the site remotely. This can be very advantageous in chasing away intruders, i.e. you are sat at home you receive an alarm email, you connect to site via your pc and then you can talk to your premises, you have to be a brave intruder to stay around when someone is shouting at you that the police have been called and they are being recorded. Also if you have fully functional PTZ speed dome on your system you can also control them remotely and follow any intruders around your site and get very good close up images.


It is very difficult to describe all the features of these new systems, so I would advise you to give me a call and I can go through all the benefits and options with you.

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Click Here to see HD-SDI Images taken using this equipment

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