Complete Ultra HD IP 4.0MP (2560 x 1440) 4 Camera POE System
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Complete 4.0MP 4 Camera Full HD IP System


2560 x 1440  Ultra HD Resolution


Various camera options.


The TYT NVR supplied with this kit will also support 4K cameras


The TYT NVR comes without a hard drive fitted as standard. Please select the size of hard drive you require. The NVR will not record without a hard drive



A complete 4.0MP IP CCTV system comprising of: 4 x Omnivison OV4689 4.08 mega pixel IP Mini IR ball dome cameras fitted with 18 pieces of 14µ IR LEDs for night vision viewing/recording. The cameras are weatherproof and suitable for outdoor or indoor use. They are colour during day time and switch to black and white at night to see in the dark. They are fitted with IR cut filters for crisp clear night time images. Full OSD set up allows you to adjust: white balance, backlight compensation, digital noise reduction, wide dynamic range, shutter speed, privacy zones etc. For perfect image set up in every environment. Fitted with a wide angle 3.6mm megapixel lens giving a field of view at 82° These new OmniVison OV4689 4.08MP cameras are the very latest in IP analogue CCTV technology.


 The 4 Channel TYT TD-3204H1 can record up to 4K resolution on all 4 channels. Hard Drive (Options for 1TB to 4TB) This NVR supports remote viewing over the internet or on mobile devices. HDMI 4k video output, Motion detection recording. Full networking and remote viewing/playback, also compatible with most smart phones for remote viewing. Back up to USB stick or via network. Duel stream technology to ensure fast, smooth transmission over networks. The NVR is operated by IR remote control or via a mouse.


This system comes with a 4 port PoE switch (Power Over Ethernet) what this means is that you can now run just a single network cable from the PoE to your camera making installation very simple. The cable which would usually be CAT5 or CAT6 will transmit video signal and the power to the camera. There is an option to add a extra 4 port PoE switch in case you wish to add more cameras at a later date.

Choose between two models of NVR. the TD3204H1-4P has four PoE ports built into the recorder. This means you can simply connect up to four IP cameras directly into the NVR and power them. As standard the equipment comes with a TD3204H1 NVR and a seperate Tenda 4+4 Port PoE Switch.


Please note, selecting the NVR with PoE built in is in lieu of the Tenda 4+4 Port PoE Switch.


The NVR is extremley easy to network due it's P2P function. How does P2P work? Once you're all set up and have connected an ethernet cable to your router, you simply download an app called Superlive Plus on your Android or IOS mobile/tablet which is free. After the app has downloaded simply scan the QR Code which is presented to you in the menu of the NVR.


The system also comes with 4 x 20m camera cables. Option for longer cables and also 305m CAT 5 & CAT 6 cable. There is a option for deep bases and junction boxes. these are to hide the connections from cameras. The junction boxes are best suited for the 3.6mm domes as the PoE block (a block inline with the camera lead) does not fit within a deep base but it will fit in a junction box.


A PoE Switch (Power over Ethernet) is a device in which you connect your IP cameras to. It has four PoE ports and four non PoE ports. The main use of this is to allow a single cable to be run up to 90 metres and connect to the PoE switch, after that you can connect four IP cameras. This saves running four independent cables to each camera.


The PoE Switch also introduces power into the cable going to the camera, which eliminates the need to run additional cables and power supplies to each camera.


There are options to change the cameras to different models in the Longse OmniVision 4MP CCTV Camera range. I.e. Varifocal IR ball domes in white or grey or V/F IR Bullet camera with different night vision ranges and angles of views. To view range of cameras please follow link below.



Longse OmniVision 4MP 3.6mm Mini Ball Dome 20m IR


Longse OmniVision 4MP 2.8-12mm Lens Ball Dome 30m IR


Longse OmniVision 4MP 2.8-12mm Lens Bullet 40m IR


Longse OmniVision 4MP 2.8-12mm Lens Bullet 60m IR


Longse OmniVision 4MP 6-22mm Lens Bullet 60m IR

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