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Categories and products
» Professional External Camera Housing & Bkt  
» Plug top 12v DC regulated power adaptor 1250ma » 5.0amp 12v DC regulated power supply
Vguard Infra Red Lighting
Vguard CCTV Ready Made Camera Cables & Power Supplies
» Vguard RJ11 socket (ST3) - BNC plug - DC Socket » Vguard RJ11 plug 6C4P
» Vguard RJ11 - RJ11 Coupler » Vguard Cut to Length EasyFit CCTV Camera Cable
» 100m Roll of EasyFit cable (white) » Vguard RJ11 Socket (ST3) - BNC Plug - DC Plug
» 100m Roll of EasyFit cable (black)  
Vguard CCTV Camera Lenses
» 6.0 ~ 60.0 mm Direct Drive Auto Iris Lens » 4.0mm Fixed Iris Lens
» 12.0mm » 3.5 ~ 8.0mm Direct Drive Auto Iris Lens
CCTV warning signs
» A4 CCTV Warning Sign Sticky Back » CCTV Warning Sign Multi Pack
» A4 CCTV Warning sign inside window type  
» CCTV Cage Large » Small CCTV Cage
Vguard Hi Res CCTV DVRs
Vguard HD Audio Kits & CCTV cages
» Audio Kit Internal » Audio Kit External
Vguard Coax and Cat 5 Cabling
» Vguard Phono Male - BNC Socket Adaptor » Vguard BNC Twist On
» Vguard BNC - BNC Coupler » Vguard RG59 Coax 100m Roll
» Vguard RG59 Coax Cable with power cores attached » Vguard BNC Plug - Female Phono Adaptor
» Vguard BNC Crimp Tool
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