Vguard 48 Channel Real Time HD DVR 18TB Server
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True Real Time 25FPS per camera at DI recording resolution.


Please note this DVR can be expanded to 56 or even 64 channels at a later date by simply adding another module. Additional modules.   It is also easy to add additional hard drive storage at anytime if required.

These server version can take upto 8 SATA hard drives of any capacity even the new 4TB ones. They have uprated power supplies, come in a 4U rack mount cases with additional cooling. They can be built with Raid 1 and redundant powers supplies for very high risk systems were reliablity and continuation of performance is paramount. We can build these DVRs to meet your exact specification.


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I don’t know where to start describing this new DVR from Vguard. We have be constructing and selling Vguard DVRs for over 6 years and they are still up with the best. To show how seriously they take their development this is the first new product they have introduced in 6 years. To me it’s in a different league to anything else on the market, both in terms of features and performance. The live and more importantly the recorded pictures are excellent.

 If you are serious about your CCTV system then these DVRs are for you. They are very quick and easy to operate, they have very powerful networking functions and multiple machines can be monitored by an unlimited amount of people remotely all at the same time. The CMS software allows complete remote programming of the DVR and all its functions. These DVRs can also be viewed and the recordings played back using Internet Explorer. The images can also be monitored on most mobile phones.

 The DVRs have an HD audio input for every camera input. They have an option to add a 6 channel alarm input and 4 channel alarm output cards. You can add as many alarm cards as you need. All the inputs and outputs can be operated remotely allowing you the ability to control or switch items on or off. The motion detection alarm triggering is very sophisticated and allows you to reduce the number of false alarms produced when using motion detection. The DVRs can be set to send you an email with an attached snap shot of what triggered the alarm.


There are 3 monitor outputs. One monitor can be programmed to display a different set of cameras. A touch screen monitor can also be used if required making operation very quick and simple. Monitors can be used long distances away from the DVR using CAT5 extenders.


Backup of recordings is very simple and very fast. You can back up to DVD or USB stick or even an external USB hard drive. You can also back up over the network either LAN or WAN. Playing back the recordings you can select how many cameras you wish to view, you can pause, fast forward and rewind, pause and go forward or backwards step by step. There is a snap shot feature allowing you to take a still image of any particular event. Added playback features include smart search which allows you to search very quickly for particular incidents, you can also zoom in while playing back the recordings.

 I have just touched on what these DVRs are capable of doing, if you have a particular requirement I am sure the Vguard HD DVRs will be suitable. Below are some of the Key Features, but this machine does so much and we can build it to meet your exact requirements please call:


Russell on 01748 811991 to find out more.


 Key Features


True Real Time recording and display. 25FPS per channel

2 Year Warranty


Remote monitoring and Playback plus full setup control over the internet or LAN


Remote viewing via mobile phone, Ipad, or Tablet


 Adjustments for Colour, Brightness and Contrast on each camera.


Sophisticated recording scheduling,


Sophisticated Motion detection set up


Smart search function.


Zoom on playback.


Still image capture both live and recorded images

18000GB Hard drives as standard

HD 1280 x 1024 Display or 1920 x 1080 in wide screen

SD D1 706 x 576 Recording

48 Video Inputs

48 Audio Intputs


6 x Monitor outputs


1 X VGA monitor output

  3 x Programmable composite video monitor output
s (16 channels each slave)

1 x HDMI Hi definition output


1 x DVI-D monitor output


HD audio outputs


Control and set up of PTZ cameras including the set up of presets and tours both on site and remotely



1 x LAN Port for networking and remote viewing.


Optional, alarm inputs/outputs.

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