Analytic IP 4MP 2 Camera with System H.265 Compression with seperate PoE switch
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TYT 2 x Fixed 4MP Dome Camera with 2.8mm Lens & TYT Ultra HD 4K NVR Analytic CCTV System.



This system comes with a two year warranty on all components.



If you would like additional information regarding this system, please get in touch and ask for James or Kyle on 01748 811991 or email



This particular system is for those who wish to have the more advanced CCTV setup. The cameras and recorder use the latest analytic technology allowing you to create intrusion zones, digital tripwires, missing object detection and exceptions. As you can imagine there is a massive variety of how you can customise each camera to your system. Click here for more information on analytics. 


The TYT Ultra HD IP systems utilise the modern H.265 Compression so you can enjoy the higher resolutions but not be penalised when storing the data on your hard drives.


The system includes:


4 x TYT 2.8mm fixed lens domes with 20m infrared range and analytics. These cameras will record in 4 mega pixel (2560 x1440) resolution, twice the resolution of Full HD. Using the more modern H.265 compression, these cameras use 40% less bandwidth than H.264 but does not sacrifice image quality. The camera is equipped with a fixed 2.8mm lens which offers a wide angle view and 20 metres of infrared illumination for night time recording. The TYT 2.8mm ball dome is very straight forward to mount as they can go onto any flat surface with just four screws and then just connect the RJ45 CAT5/6 cable for the power and data. A spare DC power socket is available for non PoE uses. If you would like a different style of camera, please see the options above.


1 x TYT 4 Channel Ultra HD NVR (Network Video Recorder). This NVR will also record four 4K TYT cameras and comes with a 1TB Hard drive installed. 1TB on two 4MP cameras will give you up to two weeks recording continuously. This is calculated by using the H.265 compression and having the frame rate set between 10-15fps per camera.If you desire a longer recording time, simply select for a larger hard drive in the options above.  If you desire a Built in PoE please select from the Built in PoE link. See diagrams below for the PoE options explained to get an idea of how they're different. The TYT NVR's are a very powerful, sophisticated recorder. We have these units used in high priority locations such as airports, museums, government establishments, banks and factories which all make great use of the analytic functions available. Analytic CCTV is a key function used in our newfound digital era to convict people by catching the footage and alerting it immediately with the highest clarity. 


The TYT CCTV systems have a private app for remote viewing on your smart phone, tablets, PC's etc. Select the link to see how it is done. 


2 x 20 metre CAT5E Network Cables. This system runs over Ethernet cable, the cable already has the connections on both ends so you don’t need any tools to fit them. Longer lengths of cable are available, see the options above.


Click the diagrams for the full image.


     (A) NVR with Built in PoE                (B) NVR With external PoE Switch



Diagram A shows that the cameras each need to be connected to the recorder. This method generally uses more cable but has no need for a seperate PoE switch. The recorder will power the cameras through the built in PoE  (cable length up to 90m each) and the data will feed direct into the machine as opposed to over a the network.


Diagram B shows a different setup with an external PoE switch. The main benefit of having an external switch would be to reduce the amount of cable you will use. A separate PoE switch allows you to run one single cable length up to 90 metres and then connect four cameras to the switch which can again be run to 90m. The downside to the PoE switch option is that you will require an additional mains source to power the PoE switch.



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