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The Black Box equipment is our own range of CCTV designed for CCTV First by our closest CCTV manufacturer. The cameras range from 2MP in the TVI,AHD, and CVI to the 4MP in the IP (Internet Protocol) technologies.


The cameras come in watertight housings and will provide their own infrared for night time recording. The infrared strength depends on the camera style with the domes typically ranging from 20m-30m whilst the bullets and Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras can range from 40m-120m. The recently added Smart Infrared filter also plays a key part in the darker hours by offering a better lighting balance. To give you an example, the filter reduces white-outs on a face or object if it was to come too close. You would be pretty unlucky to obtain a close up image of a criminal but your camera blurs the image which could be important evidence. The filter also better distributes the infrared light emitted from the camera which gives a smoother image and generally a higher clarity.


The camera lenses vary from a fixed 3.6mm lens which will offer approx 80° angle of view. Other models have a manual 2.8-12mm or 6-22mm lens which can be zoomed and focused to a desired area. The zoom and focus is adjusted at the camera. The image will range from a wide angle to a narrow angle. On selected models we also have a motorised 2.7-13.5mm lens which will automatically focus. This can be controlled from any one of our recorders through a function called COC (Control Over Coax) which sends the data required to access the camera, through the same cable as the video data. Pan, Tilt & Zoom speed domes can house the larger sized lenses as their housings can hold them, the lens type used on most of our PTZs is 4.7-84.5mm. The Pan, Tilt & Zoom camera will allow you to cover vastly greater areas and can also be controlled from any of our Black Box recorders. 


The Black Box range of recorders are optimised for the Black Box range of cameras. Their compatibilty makes it very easy to use these devices together and means you will get the very best performance & reliability. The Black Box HD DVRs and Ultra HD NVRs have all the modern functions such as the remote viewing, motion detection, multiple signal inputs such as TVI, AHD, CVI, & IP, alarm settings, H.265 Compression (NVR), multi screen playback, email, backward compatibilty with older technologies etc.

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