Black Box Ultra HD IP CCTV 64 Channel 4K Real Time NVR 8HDD H265 Compression
Black Box Ultra HD IP CCTV 64 Channel 4K Real Time NVR 8HDD H265 Compression
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This recorder does not come with a hard drive as standard, please select hard drive size in options available, the NVR will not record without a hard drive.


Black Box 64 Channel 4K Network Video Recorder


The Black Box 64 Channel NVR capable of recording 8MP at H.265 compression with 4K recording. This NVR has the most up to date functions including motion detection, multiple recording modes, PTZ Controls, smart playback & backup interface and much much more.


This NVR will also accept lesser resolutions such as 5MP, 4MP, 3MP, 2MP, 1MP, 960P, 720P and D1. You can mix and match resolutions of cameras to this recorder as long as they're ONVIF compatible. This NVR is ONVIF 2.4 compatiable which means that 90% of cameras on the market will work with this NVR not just our own. It means that you can add this to an existing IP system you might already have installed.


With being a NVR with non-PoE, we have a whole range of PoE Switches which are compatiable and will work with this NVR. If you wish to have help buying the right equpiment with this NVR, please contact us.


Easily connect to your recorder remotely via a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device. The app called Free IP is easily configured and reliable. You will be able to watch your property wherever you are.


On the back of the NVR there is 1 Audio In and 1 Audio Output. 2 HDMI (HDMI1 is 4K, HDMI2 is 1080P) Output, 1 VGA (1080p), USB Port (aswell as the one of the front). In this NVR particually there is 8 SATA Connections meaning you can have up to 32TB Hard Drive.


Comes with a one year warranty as standard.

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