How to set-up remote viewing on your recorder.


All our range of NVRs/XVRs/DVRs use the same method. 




Step One.


Connect your recorder to your router using a standard Ethernet network cable. Please follow link below for suitable cables, they come in various lengths.




If it is difficult to route an Ethernet cable from your recorder to your router you can use a set of powerline home plugs. These use your mains wiring circuit to transmit the network signal. They must be connected to the same mains cicuit for them to work. Please click here for these.






Step Two


Go to your recorder, enter the main menu (This is done by scrolling your mouse to the bottom of your screen and clicking the icon in the bottom left hand corner, this will give you different options) you should see the following screen. Now click ‘Network’.







Step Three


You should now be seeing the following screen. Please make sure the check box next to ‘Obtain IPv4 & IPv6’ is ticked and that ‘Obtain DHCP’ is ticked. If not then check the box and then click the apply button.










Step Four


Now you need to select the tab along the top of the screen called ‘NAT’ once you have click this tab, you will see the following screen.




You should now be viewing the following screen. Please make sure the check box next to ‘Enable’ is ticked. If not then check the box and then click the apply button.




This page will also show your QR code that you need to scan into your phone when using the app.







Step Five


If you wish to connect using a mobile device then please go to your app store (for Apple devices) or playstore (for Andriod devices) and download and install the app called: SuperLivePlus.


Please be aware if you are using an 'IPad' you must change your search settings on your app store to find IPhone only app, otherwise you won't be able to download the app onto your IPad.


The first thing you need to do after downloading the app, is open the app and will take you through a short tutorial on how the app works. When the tutorial is done, you will see the following screen.






 Step Six


You now need to click on the person icon in the top left hand corner of the screen this will take you to the 1st following screen and click ‘server list’. Once in server list please click the small plus icon in the top right hand corner of the screen, this will take you to the 2nd following screen.







 Step Seven


Once there, the box that says ‘IP/DDNS/SN’, you can either manually enter your QR code or you can scan the QR Code from your recorder. Refer to Step Four, your QR code is what you need to scan using the small icon next to the ‘IP/DDNS/SN’ box (please note your code is unique to your recorder).




When it has scanned it will automatically put the required information into your mobile’s Superlive Plus app. Then you will need to enter the user name and password. The default user name and password are.




User: admin


Password: 9999




Now click login on your app.








 Step Eight


If you wish to connect using a PC/Laptop or Mac then please make a note of your QR Code number which is normally displayed under the QR code symbol. (See step five). If it is not displayed underneath your QR code download a QR scanner and this will tell you, your QR code number.


Open your web browser internet explorer or safari. Go to the following website: Note: in our experience internet explorer is the best browser to use.




You will now see the following page:







Now under serial number enter your QR code. Then enter your user name and password. If you have not set these then the default will be: 


User: admin and password: 9999


Then click login


Step Nine


Once you pressed to log in you will see the following screen, you need to click the link on your screen.







Once you have clicked the link the following banner will appear at the bottom of the screen, from the options on the banner you need select 'Run'. Once you have done this you need to close your browser to complete the installation.









 When the installation is nearly finished, the follow screen will come up on your computer, you need to click 'Yes' and the installation will finish. Once the installation is finished you need to open your browser again, enter and enter your details once again. When you're entered your details please click 'Log In'. The follow tab will pop up at the bottom of your webpage saying ‘This webpage wants to run the following add-on:’ you must click ‘Allow’.







 Once you have done this, give your webpage 30 seconds and you should see the following screen. When you first log into Autonat you will be seeing live images from your CCTV system. You have a whole range of functions you are able to access through Autonat i.e. Playback, Backing-Up Files, Changing Settings etc.







If you need any assistance with your recorder or system please call James or Kyle on 01748 811991.


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