Sony Starlight UHD


New for 2020! Featuring the latest analogue technology these cameras and recorders operate in the modern H.265 compression and host advanced motion sensors.


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Sony Starlight 5MP UHD Analytic Coax



Introducing our 5MP Sony Starlight equipment. This range features the brand new IMX335 chip sensor which offers incredible clarity at night. This range has the same traits as the IMX307 only it has 3 million extra pixels.


In this range you can find a combination of our Analytic 5MP XVRs and Sony Starlight 5MP cameras. Each component can operate on each of the different TVI, AHD, CVI & CVBS signals, should you want to add an IP camera then this is possible. The amount of IP cameras that you can add varies on the model of the XVR.




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