Sony Starvis Comparison




These images were taken with cameras from our Sony Starvis range. All the cameras in this range have a Sony IMX290 Chipset inside them, the very latest in technology. An IMX290 chipset delivers frame rates up to 120 fps at Full HD resolution. The IMX290 gives these cameras the capability of recording in low-light conditions with vivid colour. These are the latest range of camera's we have for sale on our TVI 1080p category.


All these cameras record in vivid colour both during the day and in low light conditions.  Low light conditions may be at dusk, dawn or complete darkness with the help of either street lamps or security lights. The Sony Starvis cameras use back-illuminated pixel technology which gives superb colour night time images in low light level conditions. They also have the ability to read vehicle number plates at night whereas most normal IR cameras can not achieve this as the number plate is normally blurred out by the glare of the infared LED's. These cameras also have LEDs fitted so that they can be used at night when there is no added light.



Why should I choose TVI Sony Starvis?



These cameras are a low-cost solution instead of having a number plate recognition camera which can cost over £700. With the Sony Starvis cameras you have the capability to read any number plate during both day and in low-light conditions as we demonstrate in the second image on this page.  The dark coloured vehicle is situated 20M away from where the camera is mounted and you can read that number plate very clearly. Also the van in this image is 30M away from the camera and it still is very easy to read the number plates.



What's the different between TVI Longse Cameras and TVI Sony Starvis Cameras?



Both TVI Longse and TVI Sony Starvis cameras both work on the same format so they can work together in the same system. Both these cameras record in 1080P resloution giving you recordings in Full HD. The differences between these cameras are that as soon as it starts to get slightly dark, TVI cameras switch to record in black and white, using the infared LEDs. As TVI cameras record at night using infared LEDs, it means at night that the glare of the LEDs blur out number plates when they are close the camera. This does not happen when using a Sony Starvis camera in low-conditions as you are able to read number plates and recognise peoples faces.




  • Cost.  These cameras give you 1080P resoultion Full HD image quality, twice the resoultion of 720P and Analogue systems, but nowhere near double the price.
  • Colour in Low-Light Conditions. These cameras can record in colour at night with the help of street lamps or security lights, also at dusk and dawn.
  • Cabling. These cameras work with traditional RG59 Coax or Cat5e / Cat6 with baluns.
  • Backwards Compatible. These cameras have a 4 in 1 function, they are compatible with TVI, AHD, CVI & Analogue.



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