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All the followings cameras can be used indoor & outdoor.

Can be used in your home, shop, business, pub etc.


A fixed lens CCTV camera lens has a set viewing angle. This means the lens cannot be zoom in or adjusted in anyway. Our 3.6mm fixed lens gives you a wide 79° angle of view. This type of camera is great to be used to cover a large area i.e. small back garden, a doorway, driveway etc. Using this camera lens will give you a great wide view of the area you want to cover, if you want to cover more detail, you might want to consider using a varifocal as they are more practical for this type of work.


A varifocal CCTV camera lens can be changed manually; you are able to change the zoom and focus of this lens. During installation you can zoom in or out to balance area covered with detail captured. Our 3.3-12mm varifocal lens can give you a wide 77 degree angle of view or when zoomed in, can give you a narrow 25 degrees. The more you zoom in the better the detail, the more you zoom out the less the detail but the wider the area covered. For example you are able to cover a large open area i.e. your driveway, garden, bar area or you are able to zoom this camera in for a narrow detailed image, i.e. around your drive way, around the till, your gate etc.

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