Black Box HD CCTV


The Black Box equipment is our own range of CCTV, designed by our closest CCTV manufacturer that we have worked with for over 10 years. The camera range includes mini and varifocal Ball Domes, Bullets and Pan, Tilt & Zoom cameras, we have cameras to suit everyones needs wether is covering a distance of 15m or 100m.  Our XVR range include a 4 Ch and an 8 Ch, these boxes are the lastest technology and easy to navigate.



The cameras in this range are full HD 1080P 2MP and have a selectable output of TVI, AHD, CVI & Analogue. These cameras are designed to work with older Analogue as well as with full HD 1080P Systems. The infrared strength depends on the camera style, the Domes typically range from 20m-30m whilst the Bullets and Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras can range from 40m-120m. The recently added Smart Infrared filter also plays a key part in the darker hours by offering a better lighting balance, for example, the filter reduces white outs on a face or object if it was to come too close. You would be pretty unlucky to obtain a close up image of a criminal but your camera blurs the image which could be important evidence. The filter also better distributes the infrared light emitted from the camera which gives a smoother image and generally a higher clarity.



The XVR range is the latest technology from our manufacturer, this software is easy to use, easy to navigate and completely user friendly. The recorders have the capability to take 5MP, 4MP, 3MP, 1080P, 720P & 960H cameras. You can buy this XVR as part of system or replace an exsiting recorder in an exsiting system you might already have as this XVR is capable of taking AHD, TVI, CVI, Standard Analogue signals and D1. This will enable you to mix and match cameras if you have an existing camera system in place but wish to upgrade your cameras in the future saving you money rather than having to buy everything new. On the both the 4 Ch and 8 Ch, 1080P cameras are recorded at 15fps with H.264 compresssion.



Both XVRs have a 1080P HDMI output so you can connect this device to an 16:9 TV or monitor to get the best from your CCTV. You can connect a monitor via HDMI, VGA or CVBS. We always recommend HDMI is used for the best image. You can easily access your recorder remotely via a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device. The powerful and highly recommended app 'FreeIP' is easily configured and reliable. You will be able to watch your property wherever you are.

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