What is IP?


IP CCTV is an advanced brand of CCTV designed for those who wish to use a more sophisticated network based CCTV system. The equipment is from a well trusted manufacturer in which we have had the pleasure of dealing with for over 5 years now. We have sourced all sorts of surveillance cameras, recorders and software with them and have many more to come in the future. These systems are used all over the world in airports, government buildings, train stations, factories, busy city centres and many other important locations. The reliability and high standard of build quality is sought after.


The signal sent from the camera is purely digital from the source meaning critical data which triggers notifications, alarms or intelligence data is much more accurate. The software allows for a series of highly developed recording functions that the vast majority of CCTV cannot comprehend, a smooth and powerful user interface, rapid speeds when connecting remotely, and when paired with the IP cameras they offer incredible high resolution images.  


The NVRs are optimised to run the cameras, so to unlock the maximum potential from the brand we thoroughly recommend combining the two together. Not only will you have full access to all functions available, the cameras can offer their sharpest images at the smoothest frame rates. Used together they will also run in a H.265 compression which uses 40% less bandwidth than the traditional H.264 compression. The H.265 compression is particularly important for recording as the cameras are sending higher resolutions but using less bitrate. This reduces the storage capacity needed on your hard drive so you can record the higher resolutions for longer.




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