20m Premade RG59 Coax Camera Cable With Power Cores
20m Premade RG59 Coax Camera Cable With Power Cores
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Hi Definition 20M Pre-Made CCTV camera cable.


Suitable for: HD-SDI, TVI, AHD, CVI and Analogue.


Easy to fit Pre-Made RG59 with Power Cores which is covered in a PVC jacket which means the cables are weatherproof. This cable is suitable for any TVI, AHD, CVI, HD-SDI or Analogue systems. When the cable is fitted we recommend that any connections are protected from the enviroment by either having a junction box or deep bases as one end of your cable will be outside so that it's connected to the camera.



By using this cable it carries both video signal and power, this means you only have to run one cable from each camera to the DVR, other wise you would have to run two cables to each camera. We sell these type of cables in lengths up to 50M.

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