PTZ Cameras


Introducing Our Pan, Tilt & Zoom Camera Range: Unleash Enhanced Surveillance Capabilities

In the realm of modern surveillance, adaptability and control are paramount. This is precisely where our collection of Pan, Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) cameras emerges as an invaluable asset. Designed to cater to a multitude of settings, from expansive interiors of large buildings to open expanses like farms and commercial properties, our PTZ cameras redefine the scope of monitoring possibilities. With these advanced Speed Dome cameras at your disposal, you gain not only the power to observe but also the ability to interact and respond in real-time.


The versatility of PTZ cameras lies in their dynamic functionality. Unlike static cameras, PTZ cameras provide the freedom to pan, tilt, and zoom, ensuring that no corner goes unobserved. Whether it's tracking an object in motion or surveilling a vast area, PTZ cameras are equipped to handle a diverse array of surveillance scenarios with finesse.


With the integration of our SuperLive Plus App, control over these cameras is literally at your fingertips. Through the app, you can effortlessly manipulate the camera's movements, zoom in on specific points of interest, and even alter the camera's direction, all from the convenience of your recorder or mobile device. This seamless integration of technology and convenience empowers you with a level of control that ensures no detail escapes your watchful eye.


The advantages of our PTZ camera range extend beyond its mobility and control. Its adaptability to various environments makes it a versatile choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. Inside, it can track movements across expansive spaces, while outside, it can effectively cover large areas with precision. This makes it an ideal solution not only for security but also for monitoring operations in diverse contexts, be it agricultural, commercial, or industrial.


Furthermore, the clarity of PTZ cameras is truly remarkable. They capture high-resolution images with precision, even when zoomed in. This ensures that even minute details are captured accurately, enabling you to identify critical information during playback or live monitoring.


In conclusion, our PTZ camera range embodies a fusion of technology and practicality. Whether it's surveilling a vast landscape or monitoring activities within a sprawling building, these cameras stand as reliable sentinels, ready to be controlled with ease through the SuperLive Plus App. With our PTZ cameras in place, you transcend passive observation, stepping into a realm of interactive surveillance that empowers you to respond swiftly and effectively to every situation.


TVI Speed Dome. Fully moveable camera, this camera can pan, tilt and zoom. Can even be controlled remotely

£175.00 ( Inc VAT £210.00 )

TVI Speed Dome. Fully moveable camera, this camera can pan, tilt and zoom. Can even be controlled remotely

£243.75 ( Inc VAT £292.50 )

Mini 2MP IP 22 x Zoom PTZ speed dome. With 5-96mm Lens 60m IR Range With Power over Ethernet

£249.00 ( Inc VAT £298.80 )

Sony Starlight (4.8 - 120mm) 25 x Zoom 4.0MP IP PTZ Speed Dome With PoE 100m IR Range

£499.00 ( Inc VAT £598.80 )

Corner Wall Mount Bracket For 10x & 18x Zoom Speed Dome

£20.00 ( Inc VAT £24.00 )

Pole Mounting Bracket for the Mini 18x & Large 18x Speed Dome.

£20.00 ( Inc VAT £24.00 )


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