IP Recorders



IP Recorders, often referred to as NVRs (Network Video Recorders), serve as the essential hub for recording, overseeing, and orchestrating the functionality of IP Cameras. However, their capabilities extend beyond mere recording; some NVRs undertake critical tasks, including managing multiple high-resolution cameras seamlessly.


Within our repertoire, the analytic NVR range offers the functionality to establish intelligent motion parameters such as identifying line crossings, intrusion zones, object removal or detection, and even image exemptions. On the other hand, our AI-driven selection is equipped to harness the power of ANPR cameras for automatic number plate recognition and facial recognition cameras for enhanced identification capabilities.


Our NVRs are equipped with a professional-grade operating system, offering an array of invaluable features. Furthermore, they are complemented by cutting-edge remote viewing software, ensuring seamless access via your computer, tablet, or smartphone, thereby extending the convenience and efficiency of your surveillance management.


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