HD-SDI Cameras




HD-SDI -High Definition Serial Digital Interface


HD-SDI is a technology that had a short but successful life within the CCTV industry. It has the capability to run high resolutions at fast frame rates which still rivals the technologies which replaced it. Unfortunately the availability of products using the SDI signal is low. The SDI CCTV tech is either too expensive or simply not in production. We have but two models left.

These cameras run on coax cable typically up to 90m depending on the quality of the coax. The Grey Dome model has the EX-SDI mode which can be enabled. EX-SDI means Extended Serial Digital Interface. This is mainly for newer technologies such as HDMI converters which can transmit 4K resolutions over coax. 





Sony HDSDI-CCTV Full HD 1920 x 1080 Resolution 2.4 Megapixel Night Vision Dome with IR. 2.8-12.0mm Varifocal lens

£85.00 ( Inc VAT £102.00 )


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