How Does ANPR work?


ANPR CCTV captures, records number plates and displays them live on the monitor, as vehicles enter and leave your premises. Our ANPR systems use the latest technology capable of scanning and reading thousands of number plates an hour. Infrared illumination capabilities are also available if your system needs to operate under different light conditions. Other security equipment, such as automatic gates, bollards and car barriers, can also be connected to ANPR systems to offer greater security measures at your site.


What Can it Do?


ANPR can also work in tandem with alarm outputs on the camera and NVR that enable certain processes to happen. For example, a vehicle pulls up at the security gate. The ANPR camera reads the number plate, and then through its data base to see if its plate is on your list "allowed" vehicles. If found in the "allowed" list, the system will then trigger the alarm to open up the gate. If the vehicle is not on the "allowed" list, a push notification will be sent to your mobile, alerting you that somebody has tried to enter the premises.


Please click the image below to view our video on the ANPR camera



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