Chain Company CCTV


As a CCTV company, we have seen many CCTV businesses come and go and the most recent companies to be selling CCTV to you, the public, are chain companies i.e. Screwfix, Maplin’s etc. As chain companies join the CCTV industry, we are seeing more cheap systems available on the market. The only reason these system are cheap is because the cameras are built from cheap plastic housing, the software on the DVRs/NVRs is old firmware and there isn’t a lot of features in the camera or DVR/NVR.


At CCTV First, we pride ourselves on customer care. With our combined 45+ years’ experience in the CCTV industry, we have a hands on approach to help our customers when a problem arises. With our experts at hand ready to help, we can solve 90% of issues over the phone, talking you through step by step. We are happy to give advice from the smallest to the biggest issue. Our telephone lines come straight to us, the same people who sold you the system, meaning you deal with no middle man.


When you are dealing with a chain company you will not receive the same amount of help or experts with the amount of knowledge that our team has, as most of their customer service lines go to a call centre to be answered by someone in a completely different part of the UK to where you purchased the system. The majority of customer services lines have no hands on experience and know everything they know from being told or reading help booklets. A staggering 75% of them will not have ever actually seen your CCTV system in front of them working.


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