Automatic number plate cameras work best with our AI NVRs. The AI recorders log detected number plates from the camera and has a variety of other handy functions available. You can add a block or allow list and have the recorder behave differently to certain vehicle registrations. You can also easily search for a number plates using a sophisticated search function, pulling up recordings of when number plates were captured and how many times the vehicle has been spotted all in one window.
Below is an example of an ANPR system and the correct items which you would require for it to work. We would always encourage to contact us before you commit to this technology as there's plenty of tips we can offer so you can get the best from the technology.
For additional info on ANPR technology please click here

4K AI 8 Channel NVR, 1 x 2mp 7-22mm Bullet Camera with Cables. H.265 Compression.

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