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CCTV First extends a warm welcome as we share a glimpse into our journey. Established in 1992, our humble family business has flourished over the years, evolving from a partnership to a Limited Company in 2000. With over three decades of experience in the CCTV System industry, our roots as installers for schools and local councils have grown into a comprehensive expertise that continues to shape our path.


Our initial endeavours in the late 1990s revolved around installing CCTV systems. However, our trajectory took a significant turn in 1998 when we embarked on a voyage to the Far East. There, we nurtured invaluable connections with prominent CCTV manufacturers in Taiwan, South Korea, and China. This pivotal trip marked a transition for us – from installation to the direct import and distribution of top-notch CCTV equipment.


Collaborating closely with esteemed manufacturers, we've fostered strong bonds in the industry. Our involvement spans beyond commerce; we actively engage in research, development, product testing, and evaluation. This collaboration ensures that the products we curate and offer are not only reliable but also engineered to excel in their roles.


CCTV First's specialization lies in designing and prebuilding CCTV security systems. Our repertoire ranges from compact setups with two cameras to intricate configurations featuring multiple cameras and advanced functionalities like pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities. These systems are engineered for ease, catering to a wide audience – from seasoned experts to individuals with basic DIY skills.


With an ethos rooted in excellence and a commitment to innovation, CCTV First stands as a leading supplier of professional CCTV systems and products. Our journey, beginning with installations for educational institutions, has transformed into a dynamic enterprise at the forefront of the industry. As we continue to evolve, our foundation in family values and dedication to providing high-quality solutions remain steadfast.


CCTV First's evolution from a small family venture to a respected player in the CCTV industry mirrors our dedication to growth, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our history is intertwined with technological advancements and strategic partnerships, all aimed at providing you with top-tier CCTV solutions that empower you to safeguard what matters most.



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