Due to our location and local connections, we have a lot of our equipment used in the rural sector. Pastural farms have reported having a lower mortality rate of calves, foals, and lambs etc when using CCTV to monitor them. Additionally the convenience of monitoring from a safe distance without disturbing cattle is also a benefit. Not everybody enjoys having to get out of bed early on a cold wet morning to check the livestock!


We use a variety of high tech methods for situations where the livestock shed is far from home/office. We have solutions for when running a cable for cameras is not possible. Each farm is different so get in touch with us if you need any help.


Technology used in farming has been a blessing for many, not just for livestock but for arable farmers who have a lot of expensive equipment lying around. A rise in quadbike thefts in recent years has also played a part in farmers mounting our cameras around their land and helping the community combat crime.




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