ANPR Cameras



ANPR - Automatic Number Plate Recognition


What is this used for and how is it different from a normal CCTV camera?


An ANPR is used to capture number plates in any lighting conditions and can negate the effects of high or dipped beams on vehicles. The ANPR cameras are designed to obtain number plates in any condition however you will need to tinker with some settings in order to get a perfect balance, perfect balance will greatly enhance ANPR accuracy.


The ANPR cameras are different to a normal CCTV camera for one core reason and a variety of chip sensor adjustments. A standard camera balances its day and night image to suit its entire field of view, an ANPR camera will rapidly adjust its balance to only the number plate. This effect from the ANPR means it will darken an entire image soley to capture the number plate. This effect is why many have a standard camera style next to an ANPR. What good is obtaining a number plate if you can't see the event.


Where would I use one of these ANPR cameras?


We've completed many projects with this technology such as ; car parks, weigh bridges, automated gates, private roads and caravan storage compounds.


Some additional infromation and a short video to demonstrate where ANPR cameras are sometimes used.


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Number Plate Recognition (NPR) IP PoE Motorised 7-22mm Bullet Camera White

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