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Starting from our roots, our CCTV First business began in the early 1990's, beginning with installing CCTV for local councils, schools and a variety of commercial properties. We started to build a healthy relationship with a variety of electronics suppliers from Tiawan, South Korea and China. Our budding relationship moved to assisting them with research and development as well as product testing and evaluation, still now we assist in honing new software available for the next generation of CCTV.


In the earlier years there was mainly only one CCTV signal used. It was an analogue signal which gave a very poor image day and night, we were always on the hunt for the next new tech. The new technology arrived based on the same signal the broadcasting industry used called HD-SDI. The SDI (Serial Digital Interface) signal came to us with Full HD resolution and a real time frame rate, something we take for granted now. It was very popular until cheaper analogue signals stormed the market and pushed the SDI tech out of the CCTV industry. The newer signals came in the form of TVI, AHD and CVI, they were capable of high resolution images but at a fraction of the price. Though the newer signals changed the market completely, they were still hampered by the type of analogue technology they used. The answer was to focus research and development into the digital IP sector, which is the most versatile technology used today. We have followed the trends in CCTV signals, we have learned their flaws and strengths, we know them inside and out.


What we're about, is helping you decide between the different technologies and which cameras will suit you best. We have worked on many unique projects and always seem to have an answer for any difficult solutions. Some of our most interesting projects include systems for a hover barge, lambing and calving sheds, art galleries and even a popular zoo. There's no project too big or small that we cannot offer some advice on.


We're here to help, so please don't hesitate to get in touch on 01748 811991 or email sales@cctvfirst.co.uk.





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