Remote Viewing App


About the app:


The remote viewing app is an app that serves all of our NVRs, XVRs and DVRs. It is specially designed for the recorders and their features.  The app is free to download and does not require a paid subscription of any sort. It also has its own private servers, meaning the app will run smoothly and efficiently given that you have a decent network connection.


The app is constantly being updated to ensure it remains bug free and in line with the latest operating software versions on iPhone and android devices. The remote viewing app has had a large amount of upgrades since it first went live. The introduction of key features is very important due to how fast technology is advancing and how much additional content is being introduced to our systems.


Key Features of The Remote Viewing App:


Nothing to pay; the app and its use requires no subscription and has no adds


High speed preview of CCTVSimple and quick search and playback


Very easy to set up on iPhone and android devices including tablets, Use via P2P, IP or DDNSPush notification alerts which you can customise


Stores recordings directly onto your phone/tablet


Special Fisheye virtual mode/panoramic fisheye mode


Two-way TalkPan, Tilt & Zoom control including auto focussing cameras


Remotely access recorder system controls


Adjust camera image settings


Adjust camera stream input


The app is always adding further updates and features. Feel free to get in touch if there is something that we’ve missed that you would like to know more about.

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