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What is H.264/H.265 Compression?


H.265 also known as HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) and H.264 also known as AVC (Advanced Video Coding) are methods used to transmit video data files. This method is used in all of our CCTV systems as it is the most efficient way to transmit video data from the cameras back to the recorder, network or both. The video data is sent down the cables, but needs to be squashed into size first as you cannot just send massive amounts of data through all at once. This is measured in Bits and the bitrate is a key setting in the IP cameras and recorders that is going to denote how much bandwidth you will use. Too much bandwidth can be a bad thing for processors and storage capacities so ideally you want this pretty low, but not low enough that it has an effect on the image quality of your CCTV system. We typically set bitrates to 6144kbps on H.264 and 3048kbps on H.265. This is high enough to ensure you do not notice a lower quality image and low enough to reduce unnecessary storage on your hard drive.


H.264 was first standardised in 2003 when the 1080P resolution was the height of technology, now in 2018 we're looking at 4K resolutions and a requirement for more efficient video coding. H.265 was introduced a few years ago, but like many things it took a while for it to become popular. The aim of the H.265 compression is to achieve the same video quality as H.264 but with almost half of the bitrate required. When you look at CCTV storage, the storage requirements can be massive. One 4MP camera would need roughly 1.5TB to record for one month using H.264, now with H.265 you can record for the same duration but only require 1TB. This adds up a fair way when your average CCTV system can be between 8-16 cameras. 


If you are wondering what size of hard drive(s) you will need for a system you are planning then get in touch with James or Kyle on 01748 811991 and we will happily calculate what you would need. 

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