Smart IR Filter




You may have seen the term 'Smart IR' throughout our website, here's some more information about what it is and how it works.


The Smart IR refers to a dark filter located on the front of the majority of cameras we have. The primary function of this filter is to acheive a better image during the night.


The triple layered filter helps combat the effects of infrared bleed, an issue where the infrared reflects back into the camera from unwanted sources causing a foggy image.


Smart IR infrared filter also plays a part in balancing light at night, this includes ambient light from external sources as well as the infrared emitted from the camera itself. This reduces the effect of images having dark spots or lighter areas which allows the camera to pick up details that would usually be missed.


The filter allows the camera to better see close up images of people. We've seen it before in certain camera models where at night they 'white out' the face of somebody coming too close to the camera. The filter helps the camera sensor balance the light which improves facial recognition.


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