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   Experience cutting-edge surveillance with our panoramic fisheye lens and software, revolutionizing CCTV recording. The 360° lens grants complete room coverage, simplifying setup and reducing the need for multiple cameras. Despite fisheye distortion, a clever quadrant breakdown provides the illusion of independent cameras, enhancing monitoring flexibility.


   Take security to the next level with our video doorbell, a sleek and advanced addition to your home. Offering high-definition video, it delivers real-time, crystal-clear visuals of your doorstep. Communicate remotely with visitors via a user-friendly smartphone app, ensuring seamless interaction. With motion detection and night vision, it guarantees 24/7 vigilance, optimizing both convenience and security. The video doorbell seamlessly integrates into smart home systems, enabling effortless control and customization. Elevate your home protection with this modern, connected solution, putting you in command, regardless of your location.


6MP IP 360 Degrees Panoramic Fisheye Camera ONVIF Compatible 3096 x 2202 Pixel Resolution

£195.00 ( Inc VAT £234.00 )

2 Way Video Door Bell

£139.00 ( Inc VAT £166.80 )


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