Human & Vehicle Detecting 2 or 3 Camera IP CCTV Kit Including 4 Channel Recorder with Built-In-PoE, HDD, AI 4K Cameras & Cables

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About this equipment:

• Quick and easy self installation.

• Free, professional & non-subscription remote viewing app.

• Human & Vehicle detection abilities.

• High resolution 4K CCTV cameras with built in audio.

• Recorder with approx 1 week storage.


System Includes:

1 x Analytical IP 4 Channel 8MP NVR 1HDD with Built-In-PoE with 1TB HDD

2 x E Series 8mp (4K) AI Turret Camera Fixed 2.8mm Ball Domes

2 x 20m CAT5E IP Camera Network Cable

1 x 2m CAT5E IP Camera Network Cable


The recorder has the following features:

• 4 Channel recorder.

• 4K HDMI output. VGA Output.

• Strong password protection features with account rules.

• Powerful and user friendly app.

• Standard ONVIF compatiability.

• Includes power supply & USB Mouse.

• Hard drive is pre installed.


The cameras have the following features:

• Subtle gun metal grey colour, also available in matt white.

• Waterproof IP66

• Sony Starlight

• Fixed wide angle lens offering around 90° angle of view.

• Up to 20m infrared range. Automatically adapts to shorter ranges using Smart IR.

• H.265 video compression Click here

• 8MP (3840 x 2160) High resolution chipset offering four times the clarity of Full HD.

• Human detection tripwire / intrusion. Click here

• Facial detection. Click here

Built in omnidirectional microphone.

• Smart user interface.

• 3 axis camera mount for walls or ceilings, includes wall plugs and screws.

• 1 x PoE RJ45 female socket, 1 x audio 3.5mm stereo jack socket and 1 x 12v DC socket for locally powering

Size: 83mm Diameter x 95mm Hig



This system is capable of logging and recording people via facial recognition. The cameras can detect faces, store identities and recall them upon a search. The search can even be made by uploading photos of people from the app to match identities. In terms of security this technology has been invaluable to police and local communities but also has uses beyond security.

AI: This software has two core functions which can be used to trigger a variety of responses:

• Facial recognition

• ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Requires ANPR Camera for this function, more on this further below).

• Human/Vehicle Detection

• Video Metadata

AI is commonly used for automatic door or gate entry. The detection modes require the correct types of cameras in order for them to work, the facial recognition cameras are included with this kit.

The facial recognition cameras can detect a human face. Identities can be added to a safe list, a block list, or if they're new to the property the software will default to 'unknown' and it will be flagged in a search made on the recorder.

Video Metadata: Metadata, denoting "data about data," serves a variety of functions, including aiding in information retrieval and resource exploration. Powered by deep learning algorithms, TVT's Metadata technology excels in identifying, tracking, and capturing images of people, vehicles, and non-motor vehicles. It selects optimal images, extracting attributes for swift localization. Integrated target direction analysis and data statistics enhance its value, offering potential business insights. This technology can precisely extract up to 62 attributes from video, such as vehicle color, gender, and hair color, enabling precise target identification.

Human/Vehicle detection: The software included with this equipment can detect if a person or vehicle is breaking the line crossing or intrusion detection zones. This is a step above the Smart motion tech as you can specify what you want to trigger your alerts. Example; Set up a line crossing feature across a road, have it ignore human activity triggering it and only have vehicles trigger your alerts.

How could facial recognition make my property safer?

If I'm a person who you don't want around your property and I was to wander into view of a facial recognition camera I would be detected, if you have opted to have my identity in the 'Block' list, you could have the CCTV equipment alert you to my presence via notification or have some sort of alert sounded.

How could facial recognition be used to manage staff or students?

Attendance can be monitored along with zoning of restricted areas. A quick search can be made to see where and when a person has been detected.


If you wanted the ANPR function (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) then you would need to purchase ANPR cameras click here as opposed to the facial recognition cameras in this kit. The ANPR camera works in a similar fashion to the facial recognition camera where you can add number plate registrations to 'allow' or 'block' lists. ANPR cameras are often installed near the entrance to a property. ANPR is used in security and practical applications. A search of a number plate is quick and easy, upon a search for a particular registration, the system will show you a snippet of the matched registration along with the time and date it was captured.

There are many benefits to AI based technology, if you're not sure how it could help you, we would happily listen to your situation and explain where it would assist you.


Vehicle Detection


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