4MP AI Dual Light 2 or 3 Camera IP CCTV Kit Including 4 Channel Recorder with Built-In-PoE, HDD, 4MP AI Duel Light Cameras & Cables

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About this equipment:

• 24/7 Colour images with warm white light for darkness or on...

   human / vehicle detection

• Quick and easy self installation.

• Free, professional & non-subscription remote viewing app.

• Smart Motion abilities.

• High resolution 4MP CCTV cameras with built in audio.

• Recorder with approx 1 week storage.

System Includes:

1 x AI IP 4 Channel 6MP NVR 1HDD with Built-In-PoE with 1TB HDD

2 x 4MP AI Dual Light IP Ball Dome Camera Motorised 2.8-12mm Lens Grey

2 x 20m CAT5E IP Camera Network Cable

1 x 2m CAT5E IP Camera Network Cable


The recorder has the following features:

• 4 Channel recorder.

• 6MP HDMI output. VGA Output.

• Strong password protection features with account rules.

• Powerful and user friendly app.

• Standard ONVIF compatiability.

• Includes power supply & USB Mouse.

• Hard drive is pre installed.

The cameras have the following features:

• Colour camera day & night. When darkness falls the cameras provide their own light instead of infrared, increasing recognition abilities.

• Subtle gun metal grey colour, also available in matt white.

• Fixed wide angle lens offering around 90° angle of view.

• Up to 30m White light and IR range depending on environment

• 4MP (2560 x 1440) High resolution chipset offering twice the clarity of Full HD.

• Dual Light Technology Click here

• Built in omnidirectional microphone.

• Smart user interface.

• 3 axis camera mount for walls or ceilings, includes wall plugs and screws.

• 1 x PoE RJ45 female socket and 1 x 12v DC socket for locally powering.




Introducing our pioneering technology that seamlessly integrates advanced vehicle detection and human detection cameras. This innovative system offers users a versatile suite of tools, specifically designed to cater to their unique requirements.

The system boasts an impressive array of features, including the ability to detect both humans and vehicles. But it doesn’t stop there. It also includes smart analytic capabilities, providing users with valuable insights and data. This comprehensive solution is more than just a surveillance tool; it’s a powerful ally in maintaining security and safety.

Advanced Dual Light Detection System, a sophisticated technology that employs a cutting-edge algorithm for precise target detection. This system operates in two distinct modes:

·    Infrared (IR) Mode: The IR illuminator operates continuously during the night, dynamically adjusting the intensity of the camera’s infrared LED to match the distance of the object. This innovative feature ensures that the IR illumination doesn’t overexpose objects, thereby eliminating the issue of image whitening. With a range of 30 meters, your surveillance extends even into the darkest nights.

·   White Light Mode: Upon detecting a target, the system triggers the activation of the white light, enabling the camera to record full-colour video and capture essential event details. The Dual Light technology excels at capturing high-quality, full-colour video, providing businesses and homeowners with the ability to safeguard people and property effectively during night time. It extends visibility up to 30 meters with the same level of clarity as in daylight.

When the target exits the monitored area, the white light automatically deactivates, and the IR illuminator reactivates. This feature not only minimizes light pollution in the vicinity but also serves as a deterrent to dissuade unwanted intruders. In the realm of security and safety, the ability to discern every detail becomes crucial, especially in low-light conditions. The Advanced Dual Light Detection System is designed to meet this need, offering a sophisticated solution for nighttime surveillance.



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