Alarm Features


Alarm features are one of the fundamental uses of CCTV. With our CCTV Systems you can easily customize independent cameras and devices through the recorders to make the most out of your security setup.


There's plenty of options to choose from when using alarms, you have alarms that can be triggered from the cameras and recorders themselves or there is a vast choice of third party systems that can be linked to our recorders too such as pressure plates, PIR sensors, infrared beams, alarm sirens, door entry systems etc.


Upon an alarm being triggered, you can have the CCTV system immediately send a notification to your smart phone/tablet  or send you an email, you can have a buzzer sound from the recorder too. The recorders can also send out a signal to seperate devices including relays which can then go on to do a massive variety of tasks like activating floodlights for example.


Other triggers can be set up to activate Pan, Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) cameras to go to preset locations. So if you have a fixed camera which picks up motion, you can have a PTZ camera that is looking elsewhere turn around to a preset point automatically. This enables you to get maximum coverage from PTZ cameras.


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