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When considering a new CCTV system it can be difficult and confusing if you have not had any experience with any equipment beforehand. It would help if you knew what was possible with the newer technologies in the first place. We say to contact us throughout our website and it’s for this reason. A short phone call clears up any confusion and gives you an insight as to what you can achieve with our CCTV.



Most CCTV companies would be happy to just sell you some cameras, a recorder and wash their hands of you. We have the knowledge and the technology to create a system that suits your property which also offers you the maximum security potential.



Our bespoke solutions are methods that only experienced CCTV engineers have picked up over the years, almost all of our team have come from an installation background, with our combined knowledge there’s not a lot we can’t figure out. The likes of the faceless markets such as eBay, Amazon and other website only companies don’t have the technical knowledge or experience to help with the more advanced CCTV.


Here are some things to consider when purchasing CCTV:

  • Make the cameras suit your property – Certain cameras are made for certain roles.

  • Allow for future expansion- Don’t fit a dead end system

  • Networking capabilities – Being able to view your system(s) anywhere and instantly is important

  • Combine alarm features with the system – Door sensors, lighting, pressure sensors and more

  • Planned installation – Winging it can be costly and messy, we have the knowledge to smarten up your CCTV and offer the best techniques for installing CCTV.

  • Tricky installations- If you have areas which you believe to be difficult to get a camera to, such as an entrance or building far away, let us know, we may have a solution.

  • We can create a complete setup for you – We’ll ask for as much information as you give us about your property and create your CCTV system to suit it.

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