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CCTV can benefit a business in various ways, whether being used as a crime deterrent, for security measures or to monitor health and safety for you and your staff. We deal with a wide variety of businesses, all with very different and specific needs so there is not much that we haven’t encountered problem wise, and overcome. We specialise in designing and specifying CCTV systems to meet your requirements and have a hands-on team who are dedicated to finding the right CCTV solution for you.


How CCTV can benefit a business


  • Crime prevention – Just the visual presence of a CCTV camera gives the premises a deterrent to theft, vandalism or violent behaviour. Strategically placed cameras will provide you with an ideal visual recording of opportunists looking to break into the building or cause damage.
  • Staff Safety - Most employees do not like the thought of CCTV viewing them in the work place but it benefits them in the long run in terms of safety in case there is an accident at work.
  • Staff Performance – With the ability to view CCTV remotely off site either using the remote viewing app or CMS software, you are able to monitor work production and performance with a live video and audio feed.
  • Reduce Insurance Premiums – With the increase in insurance premiums, some insurance companies will actually offer a reduced cost with a CCTV system installed.

With more and more businesses looking for CCTV for security reasons, we can offer solutions to meet your business needs from the simplest CCTV system to door entry facial detection cameras (Please follow this link to read more about Face Detection), to analytical cameras used for abandoning objects in front of fire exits.  (Please follow this link to read more about Analytics).

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