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CMS is the camera management system software used for windows-based computers that will allow you to control the cameras, NVRs, DVRs and PTZs all from one platform. The software will allow you to view 100 cameras from 100 independent sites, group them all together, and view them all in one window from the control panel where there are nine categories.


Live Preview – From this category you have the ability to view the cameras in a live feed. On each camera feed it will display a tool bar from which you can close image, stop/start manual recording, 3D zoom, camera configuration, zoom in, snap, PTZ control, start/stop talk, open/close talk and fit to window – these are a few of the tasks you can choose from.


Device – This is where you add new devices via their serial number, IP address or dynamic IP address to the CMS, also editing and deleting existing devices. Under area and camera management this is where you can fully edit all the settings in the cameras, for instance, setting up the video analytics tripwire on an IP camera as well as setting up the recording settings so that when the tripwire is set off, it records to the computer that the CMS is set up to.


Alarm Management – This category is where you edit all the alarm settings and triggers from the recording boxes and camera alarm outputs. You can manually trigger the alarm settings from this page. It is also where you edit the face match alarm.

Record and Playback – This category is where you can search for playback from manual, schedule, sensor, motion and intelligence recordings, also having the ability to back up files from manual, schedule, sensor, motion and intelligence recordings. This is where you can set up to record a mirror image of the files that are saved to the DVR / NVR by selecting which partition or hard drive you would like to store the recorded data to.


Group and Scheme Settings – From this category you have the ability to edit the cameras to create a group of cameras and edit custom live feed view. For example, if you have two NVRs, one on a site in the north with 10 internal cameras and 6 external cameras, and one site in the south with 10 internal cameras and 6 external cameras, you can set up a group with all 20 internal cameras in a live feed and not the 12 external cameras. You can then save that as a group for easy viewing ability.

Basic – This is where you can back up the system configuration in case you need to factory reset the system. Additionally, if you were going to upgrade the firmware on the NVR, DVR or IP camera then you can also restore the system configuration with the data that you have saved in the previous menu. You can also change which file path you would like to choose for your data to be recorded for videos and snapshot.


E-Map – This is where you can upload an image of a scale drawing of a factory or a house then you can over lay on the uploaded image with “hot spots.” A hot spot is a camera that will be in that area of the building, then by simply clicking on the camera it will bring up a live feed. Please CLICK HERE to view a video on E-MAPS.


User Management – Under this category you can create different user accounts that give certain permissions over others for the CMS software, with the ability to edit and delete existing accounts. For example, you can download the CMS software onto the receptionist computer but only give them access to view live feeds of the camera along with the ability to view playback and download footage.


Local Log – Under this final category, the local log is where you can see what actions have been logged into the database of the CMS software. This will give you the ability to view who has been doing what or who has been trying to edit the settings in the software. It will give you a run down regarding what account has tried to access which category, as well as what operation they have commanded.

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