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Face Detection


CCTV can be used for multiple purposes and as people are increasingly looking for CCTV for more than just security reasons, this has opened up a whole new market in facial recognition technology.


Combining the latest facial detection software with our face detection cameras, the end user can use this technology for numerous applications specific to their requirements.  Using the camera for a door entry system is one of the main features of face detection. To use this feature, you need to upload a person’s face to the NVR (recorder) and either put this image in an allow or a block list. If you have them in the allow list, when the person goes to gain entry, the camera will read the persons face and then trigger the alarm output in the NVR which then goes to a relay that drives an electric mag lock that opens a door. This then allows the person to enter the building. If the person is in the block list or not recognised by the camera, when they try to enter the premises you can have the NVR send you a notification to your mobile or to an email address and can therefore monitor who gains entry into your building.


Initially you would have to either import an image of the person via a USB to the NVRS database or have the person stand in front of the camera which will take a snapshot of the face and you can save it to the database that way.


Face detection can also be utilised as a time keeping feature in the workplace rather than the age-old process of clocking in and clocking out. The camera can be set to read somebody’s face when they come through the doors as well as saving their image with a time stamp against the image. Searching with the face detection software is simple yet effective, all you need to do is select a start and end time then select an image of a person from the database and search, it will now display a video each time that the person has been on the camera.


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