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CCTV systems for around the farm:


With the ongoing battle against the theft of livestock, quads, farm machinery and tools, more and more people are having to take action against this type of criminal activity. Due to where we are located in North Yorkshire it is unfortunately a big problem. We see customers on a daily basis looking to protect their properties and assets due to criminals stealing from their properties.


Our CCTV equipment can be used for a number of different scenarios. We can tailor a security system to cover all of your needs. We specialise in event notification CCTV, a system where you can be alerted when people come onto your property or if somebody tries to steal any equipment for example.


We can place one of our analytical IP cameras to cover the driveway or entrance to the farm and draw a tripwire on the camera from the recording box. We can then set up the notifications so that every time the line is crossed, it will send a notification to your phone. Once you receive notification, you click on the notification and you will be taken to a live feed of the farm via the APP so that you can see what is happening. Similar to the tripwire, you can use the object removal feature. This feature is where you draw a box around the farm machinery / farm vehicle on the camera from the recording box and when the object is removed from the selected area, it will also send a notification to your phone in the same way as the tripwire. Both examples are shown in the image below and for more information on Analytics, please click here.




CCTV systems for livestock, Lambing, Foaling, Calving:


With the increased capabilities in technology, more CCTV solutions are achievable and this is especially beneficial for keeping an eye on livestock when it’s lambing, foaling and calving time. Our systems allow you to monitor livestock and animals from the ease of your home or remotely on the move from your phone.


One of the main issues farmers have when planning CCTV is not being able to run a cable to where they need to have a camera located and another issue that is common is that the cable distance is just too long and the CCTV signal will not travel that distance. To overcome this problem, we specialise in wireless IP solution. All that you need is power in each building e.g. house & lambing shed. You will also need direct line of sight so the wireless transmitter and receiver can talk to each other. The maximum distance the system can transmit a wireless signal is 15km, please see the image below. For more information on wireless transmitters, please click here.



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