The Fisheye is an internal camera used for such places as meeting rooms, shops, warehouses and garages. Due to its panoramic lens, it gives you 360 degrees viewing angle if placed on the ceiling. Placing one of these cameras in the centre of a building does the same job as four cameras placed on each wall, so it can mean a significant saving on cost. The IP fisheye camera is only 39mm in depth so its slimline design is not out of place, even on a low ceiling. The camera is also equipped with omnidirectional IR LEDS that give a crisp black and white night image when there is not enough light in the image.


The four different view displays that this sophisticated camera come with are fisheye, panoramic, 360 degrees and panorama + 3PTZ. Each type of viewing display can be adjusted in the NVR or in the web browsers in the CMS software. The fisheye offers a variety of different mounting options, horizontally, vertically and desktop (horizontal flip). To do this, you would need to alter the view of the fisheye as explained above. The view needs to be adjusted like this due to the fisheye camera having a fixed lens, meaning there is no way you can manually rotate or flip the camera lens inside the camera housing. Please view the video below.


As well as being able to adjust the view in live display, you can change the view in playback even if you have not recorded the camera in that display. Please view the video below.

The IP fisheye camera is viewable through the remote viewing app which can be added either by the IP address, QR Code or the NVR. The features are all the same whichever way you add the camera to the app. There are four different views in the app which are IP fisheye camera Initial, cylinder, 2-Way and 4-Way. You can view the displays as a still image or as a rotating image. Please view the video below.


The IP fisheye camera has a final view which is (VR) virtual reality, this will allow you to rotate the phone to view different angles and make it look like you are the camera.

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