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 With the increase in smart home automation being much more affordable, more and more people are looking to change their traditional homes into smart homes. An ever-growing popular aspect of this is owning an ultra-high definition CCTV system. New smart technology easily accessible within the CCTV industry, with features like the ability to view your CCTV systems along with operating it through an app on your phone, facial recognitions cameras, video analytical features, push notifications, ultra-high definition cameras, motorised lens, fisheye cameras, alarm outputs & Mac / PC software make this kind of system extremely desirable.


The ever-expanding CCTV industry has become a difficult place to understand what CCTV to purchase due to the vast range in technology with TVI, CVI, AHD and IP and also with the wide variety in megapixel cameras ranging from 2MP (1080P) to 8MP (4K). We are here to help at CCTVFirst and with our extensive product knowledge and understanding of installing CCTV, we can find a solution for you. Please see below a few functional features that you can use in your home CCTV.


  • Face Detection - The facial recognition cameras can be placed in certain areas then set so they will read a person’s face. If the camera does not recognise a person on the property which is saved into the database, it will send an alert to your phone. Another feature from the facial recognition software is it can be used as door entry. How this works is the camera will scan the persons face who is attempting to gain entry at the door and if they are on the allow list, it will then tell a relay that goes to a magnetic lock to unlock and the door will open. Please click the link HERE to read more on these features.
  • Video Analytics – This feature is split down to five different sub categories - tripwire, abandoned object, missing object, exception and intrusion. These can also be used to alert you via your phone. Please click the link HERE to read more on these features.
  • Motorised Lens – Motorised lens can be a benefit not only when installing the cameras because you do not need to adjust the camera with a screwdriver as you can adjust it from the recording box, but also when away from the property with no access to the recording box, you can adjust the camera lens either by the APP or from a computer.
  • App – All of our higher end DVRS, NVRS and IP cameras use a very advanced remote viewing app. The APP will work on android and IOS mobile phones. There is no need to port forward the router now as it uses state-of-the-art P2P server, so you simply scan the unique QR code of the device into the APP, enter the username and password and you will then see a live stream direct to your phone. Please click the link HERE to read more on these features.


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