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Position: Permanent role

Job: Technical Production Assistant

Salary: Dependent upon experience

Job location: Brompton On Swale, Richmond ,North Yorkshire, DL10 7JF

Contact: James Oselton – james@cctvfirst.co.uk


We have a permanent position available for a person who wishes to join our company. The role will involve producing CCTV equipment and the technical programming of CCTV equipment prior to despatching to our customer base.

The primary day to day function of the person shall be to prepare, build and test CCTV equipment; this role requires some advanced computer knowledge and the ability to grasp unique software and varying software interfaces.


The role will involve working close with our technical sales team and the dispatch team providing a constant supply of equipment.


The technical aspect of the role will change on a daily basis and this means the applicant must have the ability to operate under pressure and changing working environment.


No former CCTV industry knowledge is essential, but some understanding of computer networking would be of great benefit. 


In brief the role requires a person who is able to bring products together in preparation for their dispatch to our customer base.


Role responsibilities-

Testing of equipment, setup and programming of digital equipment, system preparation, assisting with technical issues, assisting in the day to day running of stores operation.


The stores aspect of the position will require manual labour i.e the lifting and carrying of stock.


Our Location

Our company is located in Brompton On Swale, near Richmond, North Yorkshire we are a CCTV equipment importer and distributor in business since 2001.


This application is open to anyone who believes they can bring a positive, enthusiastic approach to the job and in turn help our company grow.


Please forward your CV to James Oselton

Respectway Limited, Merlin House, Station Road, Brompton-on-Swale, North Yorkshire, DL10 7SE, Tel: 01748 811991  Email. sales@cctvfirst.co.uk
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