Large CCTV Systems


At CCTV First we have the capability to assemble large systems in the most efficient way possible. We can design systems around your property which are cost effective and logically thought through. No matter how large the system gets, we have a solution for it.


Large systems can involve numerous cameras, most of which will be looking at a variety of areas. Our IP camera range has different lens/infrared types to accomodate for a variety of areas and we can suggest which cameras will suit best.


The NVRs are designed to handle many cameras but still deliver the high camera quality we show in our image and video examples. They are also built to be able to hold massive amounts of storage so you can record more cameras for longer. Our NVRs can be configured so that they can recognise each other over local network. The main benefit to this is if you wish to have multiple viewing points. You could put a recorder in the staff room, then one in the reception with the cameras connected to them and then you just simply add these recorders to the recorder in the main office. Not only do you have access to the CCTV from three seperate locations, you can also spread out the storage between them. So if one machine has a hard drive failure, the other two machines are still recording until it is replaced.


Our 32/64 channel recorders have two HDMI outputs and a VGA output. This allows you to have more than one screen showing the CCTV from the one recorder. On the HDMI outputs you can customise which cameras you want on screen one, and which ones you want on screen two. Having all 32/64 cameras up on one screen means each image will need to be pretty small, by spreading the cameras over two screens will mean each image can present itself larger. For multiple recorders going back to one screen, we have HDMI switches which enable you to flick between each recorder and its cameras. The HDMI switches come with a remote so you do not need to be fiddling around the back of the TV/monitor wiring to do this.


If left to an amateur, large CCTV systems can wind up being overly expensive. It is frustrating to see quotations from other companies which seem to unnecessarily overquote on cabling etc. You will also be suprised at how many quotes include equipment that is out of date or unsuitable for the job. At CCTV First we will always give a breakdown of our quotes and you can pull up any item, I guarantee we will have a valid reason for it and will always offer more information if required.


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