Long Range Wireless Transmitter (Pair) 5.8Ghz 450MB 2km Range

5.8Ghz 900MB 2-3km Range 24v PoE (Power Supply Included)

£149.00( Inc VAT £178.80 )

Wireless Long Range 5.8Ghz Outdoor Transmitters


A powerful pair of digital transmitters which are very handy for the CCTV industry. These transmitters can be used to transmit digital signals wirelessly up to 2km with direct line of sight. We've used this technology for a few years assisting in a variety of solutions, mostly in agricultural, commercial and industrial environments.

The transmitters can be a huge help for those who can't run a network cable over difficult terrain or run network cable that exceed cable operating ranges, also removing the cost of materials and labour of which running a cable would entail.

Some great uses of this tech has been in the lambing and calving industry where for example a lambing shed is a fair distance away; We simply mount IP cameras in the shed looking at the livestock, mount the transmitters on the shed and house/office, pair them up and then you're pretty much done. We would always set the transmitters up for you so there's no configuration needed when installing. Once you have your link you can then add the cameras to your recorder at home over the network bridge you've just created.

The transmitters are capable of sending video data for multiple cameras however we'd recommend to check with us first as to exactly how many. This can vary on camera resolution, frame rate, bitrate & compression.

What comes in the box:

1 x Wireless Transmitter

1 x 24v PoE (Power over Ethernet) Injector

1 x Large Mounting Clip

1 x Network Patch Cable

1 x Instructions





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