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Although CCTV is not a legal requirement, it may be required as part of your licencing agreement on your lease and is a vital piece of equipment in over populated establishments like pubs, Nightclubs, shops and restaurants. CCTV not only serves as a security measure, it is also used for the safety and wellbeing of the staff and customers at the premises.


 Here at CCTVFirst we can specify and advise on what system will suit yourself and your premises. Our helpful staff are more then happy to help with any issues that you might have. Please see below some advantages why you should have CCTV in your commercial premises.


  • Preventing Trouble - The most common use for CCTV in pubs, nightclubs, restaurants and shops is to use it to monitor the interior and exterior of the premises. The recorded footage will provide any security footage that the police request if an incident has been reported at your building, this will prevent any further trouble arising from miscommunication from members of the public. The police recommend having a minimum of 30 days-worth of recording for such eventualities.
  • Creating A Safe Environment - Any public establishment like pubs, nightclubs, restaurants and shops that have a CCTV system installed have to legally inform the public that they are under surveillance. This is usually done via posters and signs inside and outside the premises letting them know that they are being filmed. Not only does this obey legal and licensing regulations, it also informs the members of public within the premises that they are being monitored and that they are being protected.
  • Offering A Deterrent - The visual impact of a CCTV system installed will not only provide a visual presence advising that you are being recorded, it will also provide a deterrent against any anti-social behaviour or criminal activity. With burglaries and thefts on the rise in 2019, a well-placed CCTV camera can catch the moment something goes missing whether it be money from a cash register or a beer barrel from the cellar.
  • Management - The monitoring capabilities of the CCTV don't just provide a helpful aid in combating anti-social behaviour and theft; they can help with improving the overall setup of the area too. Whether it's conducting health and safety checks, managing the capacity of a busy area or even if there are enough staff in key areas of the building, there is so much monitoring can do to improve the overall running of the business.
  • Stock – A security system can come into play when stock has gone missing or has not been accounted for whether staff are stealing or if stock has just been misplaced.


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