Smart IR


About Smart IR:


Smart IR refers to a clever infrared balancing ability which comes in two forms, a setting within cameras and/or a component which is added to the camera. The main objective is to balance infrared light across the camera image, reduce IR glare if an object is too close, and filter infrared bleed which can be a nuisance. Smart IR can make a huge difference in image quality at night. When infrared light is emitted from the camera, the light travels outward, reflects off a surface and returns to the camera. The infrared light is sometimes distorted and reflected back to the camera in an unorganised way, giving you defects on the image. Some examples of what can cause this are: Loose gravel, light reflecting off objects too close to the camera, water features etc. These can be problematic for cameras at night, and the Smart IR filters help reduce or remove these symptoms.


Smart IR has been a small but important adjustment to CCTV cameras, below is an example of how the Smart IR helps in close up situations:


*Images of a camera whiting out a face, followed by a balanced image*


Below is an example of how the Smart IR helps in distant situations:


*Image of camera whited out camera looking over a distance, followed by a decent balanced image*


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