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About Sony Starlight:


Sony Starlight is a name given to one of the chip sensors in our analogue range. We sometimes refer to this as an IMX307 chip sensor. Why is this special? The Sony Starlight sensor is a backlit chip which has exceptional low light level clarity. It is one of very few cameras with this ability. The newly designed Sony Starlight sensor is the more advanced version of its predecessor, the Sony Starvis or IMX290 sensor. The Sony Starvis was already a well-established low light level camera. 


Where would I use a Sony Starlight Camera?


This camera would benefit you in areas with little or no natural illumination as the sensor picks up more infrared light than most others, so darker areas in images will appear bright and clearer. You can also set this camera to switch to its colour mode a lot earlier than other cameras, or even set it to permanently stay in colour, meaning this camera is also suitable for areas with plentiful illumination at night. Sony Starlight CCTV cameras can be used in any location, we have cameras that can suit a small room or larger areas that need longer range lenses.


How do I make changes in the camera?


Our recorders use something called CoC which means Control over Coax, this allows you to access the camera menu from the recorder. This is much easier than the alternative which involves using the cameras inline toggle switch to navigate your way around, the toggle switch is also located at the camera so you would need some sort of inline monitor. Another bonus to the CoC is that you can watch any changes you make, live in the settings, an enormous help when setting up a Starlight camera especially as there are plenty of settings to adjust to any environment.


What technology does it use?


The Sony Starlight range uses analogue high definition signals such as TVI, AHD and CVI. They can also be setup to use AHD 720p or CVBS. These will work with any of our XVRs or DVRs but not the NVRs.


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