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Storage is one of the most important roles within CCTV as it is afterall what you will turn towards to extract evidence of an event that your CCTV has captured. The amount of recordings kept can be decided on how large of a capacity you have and how you set your cameras to record. Our systems come with a variety of recording modes that you can customise each individual camera with which means that you woudn't need to have every single camera recording constantly.


Commercial CCTV systems require more storage than usual as there's generally more cameras to record. We have recorders that can take up to 48TB of storage, but sometimes even this isnt enough to cover requirements. Here's a few methods that we use to increase the amount of recording times including:


FTP (File Transfer Protocol) This method allows you to transfer video files from our recorders between computers on a network. This is particularly useful as you may already have a large server in which you can set the root file paths to record direct to them or you can have the video files sent to your PC and then you can select which files you wish to store and then which to discard. 


NAS (Network Attached Storage) This is similar to FTP in which you attach a NAS drive to your network and record data direct to that drive. You can use the powerful CMS (Camera managment software) on your PC to manage and view your cameras from the same or multiple sites and record them directly onto the NAS drive through your network. NAS drives can be quite large and will operate even if your PC(s) are turned off. If required, you can have more than one NAS drive on the same network too.


 CLD (Cloud Storage) Cloud Storage can be extremely useful. Once you have extracted video files from the recorder, you can store them in any cloud database. You can recall the information anywhere you want as long as you have an internet connection. We see Cloud Storage as an option to store small snippets of footage but not something to use as a permanent method of storing video data from your cameras, the main reason for this is simply the cost. For 1TB of storage on most Cloud servers you're looking at a monthly fee of around £15-£20. On average, just one camera recording continuously will use 1TB of storage in a month. On average the larger CCTV systems we design range from 16-124 cameras so this can be a pretty expensive way of storing data.


 Hot swap Caddies - The Hot Swap Caddy approach is a simple and effective way of increasing how long you can record for. Please check models before considering this method as you will require an E-SATA output. The caddy holds additional hard drives that can be connected to the recorder and then have their data transferred from the recorder, you can do this to either store the information permanantly or so you can backup the information elsewhere.


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