New for 2020 the latest in H265 CCTV systems with analytics.


Please see a selection of Analytic CCTV Systems below.


We have kits available which include everything necessary to get you setup and recording. The systems include a variety of recorders, cameras and accessories to choose from. If you require a much larger system than what is available below, or a mix and match of existing systems then get in touch and we will work out the rest for you.



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External PoE/Internal PoE Explained


Our 4 Channel Ultra HD NVRs come in two varieties, One (Diagram A) with PoE (Power over Ethernet) built in and another (Diagram B) in which you would use an external PoE Switch.



Below is a explanation of what the advantages and disadvantages are for both methods with diagrams of how the systems would be setup.



Click the diagrams for the full image.


     (A) NVR with Built in PoE                (B) NVR With external PoE Switch


Diagram A shows that the cameras each need to be connected to the recorder. This method generally uses more cable but has no need for a seperate PoE switch. The recorder will power the cameras through the built in PoE (cable length up to 90m each) and the data will feed direct into the machine as opposed to over a network.


Diagram B shows a different setup with an external PoE switch. The main benefit of having an external switch would be to reduce the amount of cable you will use. A separate PoE switch allows you to run one single cable length up to 90 metres and then connect four cameras to the switch which can again be run to up to 90m. The downside to the PoE switch option is that you will require an additional mains source to power the PoE switch.



Want to know more about our Black Box Ultra HD IP range or need any advice about CCTV in general then feel free to call:

 James or Kyle on 01748 811991

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