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Wireless technology when used within CCTV can be a great advantage. It massively reduces cable requirements and eliminates the need to dig cable trenches which saves time and money. We use the Pharos TP-Link Wireless Extenders to bridge the camera signals sent from A to B as they offer a clean connection with minimal latency. There are restrictions to how you use these devices. You must have direct line of sight between the devices, you need power sources relatively local to the devices and they must be on secure mounts.


The TP-Link wireless senders and receivers are designed to send signals to each other when in direct line of sight can send data up to 15km, when involved in CCTV the TP-links are used to extend the original internet connection meaning that an IP camera or recorder connected to the device up to 15km away will behave as if it is connected on the original network. This is very useful as you could have multiple cameras from multiple buildings all coming back to a central point. If you have the issue of not having direct line of sight as mentioned above, you can mount additional TP-links to avoid any obstacles that may get in your way as they can act as repeaters too.


This technique can be used in a variety of situations, a recent example would be a golf course which wanted cameras at their half way house, as you can imagine they did not want to dig a trench for a cable over their fairway over 500 metres away, so we connected a wireless receiver to the main office network and connected a sender on the half way house with the cameras. These cameras then sent their data to the office network which was picked up by the CCTV recorder. The recorder was connected to a monitor and produced crystal clear images in real time.


If you are unsure if this solution will suit you, get in touch with us and we'll happily see if there is a different way we can help.


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