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Wireless transmitters are an asset when used in the CCTV industry. They can greatly reduce cable demand and eradicates the need to dig long cable trenches, saving you purchasing machinery to dig the trench and labour and money on the job in hand. We use TP-LINK, a tried and tested brand which is a recognised brand throughout the CCTV industry. We use the TP-LINK wireless transmitters to bridge the IP signal from point to point, offering a LAN connection with very minimal latency on IP cameras and as well as the control of PTZ cameras. There are some restraints with using the TP-LINK wireless transmitters. There must be a clear path of view from one transmitter to another and must not be hindered by anything in the view as it can dramatically reduce the length of transmission and in some cases, will not connect at all. They must be securely mounted as the signal sent is directional.


The TP-LINK wireless transmitters are created so that the internet connection from point A to point B up to a maximum distance of 15km is in plain line of sight. When used in the CCTV industry, the TP-LINK wireless transmitters are used to lengthen the initial internet communication, meaning that an NVR or IP camera that is connected to the transmitters acts in the same way as if it was connected directly to the initial internet communication. The transmitters become favourable when connecting a number of cameras from numerous buildings all back to a central point. When using the transmitters and you have an issue with line of sight, you can add additional transmitters to overcome any obstruction in the direct line of sight as they perform as repeaters.


There is a wide variety of different areas in which you can use the transmitters. For instance, if you were looking to place some CCTV cameras in a halfway house on a golf course, understandably, the ground keepers would not be to happy if you dug a trench through the fairway to get from point to point. This is where the transmitters do come into a class of their own. You simply connect up the first transmitter at the club house as well as connect it to their network connection with an NVR connected. Then at the halfway house, connect up the second receiver with direct line of sight to the first transmitters, then a cable from that into a PoE switch, then to the IP cameras, this will then display real time images over at the club house with minimal delay.



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