Complete 1080p TVI CCTV systems at very special prices!  
2 X 2.4MP SONY TVI Mini IR Dome & TYT 1080P DVR kit
2 X 2.4MP SONY TVI Mini IR Dome & TYT 1080P DVR kit
  • £234.00 (£280.80 inc vat)
  • Sale £209.00 (£250.80 inc vat)
  • Save £25.00
Complete TYT TVI Full HD 1920 x 1080 4 or 5 Camera System
Complete TYT TVI Full HD 1920 x 1080 4 or 5 Camera System
  • £386.00 (£463.20 inc vat)
  • Sale £349.00 (£418.80 inc vat)
  • Save £37.00
Complete TYT TVI Full HD 1920 x 1080 8 or 12 Camera System
Complete TYT TVI  Full HD 1920 x 1080 8 or 12 Camera System
  • £733.00 (£879.60 inc vat)
  • Sale £649.00 (£778.80 inc vat)
  • Save £84.00
Complete TYT TVI Full HD 1920 x 1080 16 Or 24 Camera System
Complete TYT TVI Full HD 1920 x 1080 16 Or 24 Camera System
  • £1360.00 (£1632.00 inc vat)
  • Sale £1249.00 (£1498.80 inc vat)
  • Save £111.00


 My name is Russell Wane & Welcome to the CCTV First website. 


CCTV systems and your security are a serious business. Its not about deals, offers, bargins or claims about being the biggest and the best. The internet is an easy place for companies to lie, its a faceless market place and easy for people to pretend they are something they are not. So before you buy your CCTV system or cameras give me a call or visit us in person to get a free demonstration of all our products in operation. We are a family run business with over 20 years experience in the CCTV industry. We specialize in HD-SDI CCTV. HD-SDI CCTV is Full HD 1080P 1920 x 1080 resolution. It is some 6 time higher resolution than traditional CCTV equipment.


New for 2016 the latest development in Hi Definition analogue CCTV. TVI CCTV is the new 1080P HiDefinition standard. AHD CCTV is the new 720p Hi Definition standard for analogue CCTV. They can be cabled in RG59, CAT5 or off the shelf ready made cable kits, therefore it can be retro fitted to just about any existing cabling making upgarding your CCTV system very easy. Or if you are looking for a new TVI CCTV System or AHD CCTV system then TVI or AHD CCTV provide a very reasonable cost effective solution.  TVI CCTV Cameras or AHD CCTV cameras & TVI CCTV DVRs or AHD CCTV DVRs can be used with older CCTV equipment but the Full resolution will not be displayed or recorded


We now have a full range of 3.0MP (2048 x1536) resloution IP CCTV cameras and IP CCTV NVRs.


 Have you been searching the web trying to understand about CCTV? With all the new technologies about, i.e IP, HD-SDI, TVI, AHD CVI and even the old CVBS analogue it is very confusing. Not sure which is best for you? Then why not give us a call, unlike a lot of websites I encourage people to call us. We will give you the benefit of 20 years experience in the CCTV industry completely free of charge whether you buy from me or not.

Call 01748 811991 and just ask for James, Simon or myself


2 Year warranty on all our HD-SDI, TVI & IP CCTV Products!


We offer a complete range of HD-SDI CCTV products. Our HD-SDI CCTV DVRs from TVT come in 4, 8 or 16 channel versions, they are true real time recorders at Full HD 1080p resolution, have sophisticated remote viewing/playback features for PCs/Macs and most mobile phones and tablets. Our new range of HD-SDI CCTV cameras from HDSDI-CCTV offer various styles and lens options to suit most situations. The range includes HD-SDI CCTV cameras with Infra Red for night time viewing/recording, they are also fitted with IR Cut filters and digital noise reduction to get crisp night time images. We also stock a range of HD-SDI speed domes with pan tilt and zoom functions, the images from these cameras especially at long distances upto about 300m is stunning.


What does HD-SDI mean, well the HD part refers to the HD-SDI CCTV sysyems being Full HD 1080p resolution. The SDI part stands for serial digital interface. This is the means in which the original digital image captured by the HD-SDI CCTV camera is transmitted to the HD-SDI CCTV DVR. Because the signal is not converted to an analogue signal like in tradional CCTV cameras or compressed into a H264 format for transmission to the DVR like IP CCTV Cameras, the image that arrives at the HD-SDI CCTV DVR for recording is the original image. This gives you best true real time CCTV images and recordings.


Opening Hours 9.00am-5.00pm Monday- Friday 9.00am-1.00pm Saturday

Take a look at our ranges of complete CCTV systems. AHD 720P CCTV systems from 125.00. TVI 1080P CCTV systems from 225.00 and 3.0MP IP CCTV systems from 349.00 with PoE

On a budget but want a system were the images are much better then traditional old analogue CCTV. Then try our AHD 720P CCTV systems. Complete with Cameras, DVR, Cables & PSU from 125.00
The very latest in Hi Definition Full HD 1080P CCTV systems. Unbeleiveable image quality for the price. Prices start from 225.00 for a complete kit and also these systems can accpet IP cameras as well as TVI 1080P cameras
Installing an IP CCTV system can give more options in the way it is cabled and structured and can therefore save a lot of time or cost. Also 3.0MP IP gives you stunning CCTV images. System start from only 359.00. Please call James or Simon for more information

HD-SDI CCTV provides the very best CCTV images both live display and playback. HD-SDI CCTV systems are Real Time Full HD 1080p resolution.This technology is well established, reliable & cost effective

Just a small selection of ideas for Full HD-SDI CCTV systems, Call James or Russell on 01748 811991 and let us help you design a system to meet your exact requirements.
A Range of Panasonic HD-SDI CCTV Cameras offering Full HD Real Time 1080p resolution. These HD-SDI CCTV Cameras are 6 times the resolution of a traditional 700TVL CCTV Camera.
Stunning standalone HD-SDI CCTV DVRs from TVT. Full HD 1080P True real time recording and dispaly. Superb build quality and packed with user friendly features.

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SONY IP IR Ball dome with IR night vision & 2.8-12mm lens with POE. 2048(H) X 1536(V) Pixels
TYT 8 Channel Real Time Full HD 2560 x 1440 IP CCTV NVR with POE HDMI output
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