Smart Motion 2 or 3 Camera IP CCTV Kit Including 4 Channel Recorder with Built-in-PoE, HDD 6MP Cameras & Cables

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About this equipment:

• Quick and easy self installation.

• Free, professional & non-subscription remote viewing app.

• Smart Motion abilities.

• High resolution 6MP CCTV cameras with built in audio.

• Recorder with approx 2 weeks storage.


System Includes:

1 x Analytical IP 4 Channel 6MP NVR 1HDD with Built-In-PoE with 1TB HDD

2 x S Series 6mp IR IP Turret Camera Fixed 2.8mm Ball Domes

2 x 20m CAT5E IP Camera Network Cable

1 x 2m CAT5E IP Camera Network Cable


The recorder has the following features:

• 4 Channel recorder.

• 1080P HDMI output. VGA Output.

• Strong password protection features with account rules.

• Powerful and user friendly app.

• Standard ONVIF compatiability.

• Includes power supply & USB Mouse.

• Hard drive is pre installed.


The cameras have the following features:

• Subtle gun metal grey colour, also available in matt white.

• Waterproof IP66

• Fixed wide angle lens offering around 90° angle of view.

• Up to 20m infrared range. Automatically adapts to shorter ranges using Smart IR.

• H.265 video compression Click here

• 6MP (3072 x 2048) High resolution chipset offering twice the clarity of Full HD.

• Smart motion analytics tripwire / intrusion Click here

• Built in omnidirectional microphone.

• Smart user interface.

• 3 axis camera mount for walls or ceilings, includes wall plugs and screws.

• 1 x PoE RJ45 female socket and 1 x 12v DC socket for locally powering.

Size: 83mm Diameter x 95mm High


Integrating Cutting-Edge Vehical and Human Detection Software with Our Cameras

Our state-of-the-art technology combines advanced vehical detection software with human detection cameras, offering end users a versatile toolset tailored to their specific needs. This comprehensive system encompasses an array of remarkable features, including human and vehicle detection, along with smart analytic capabilities.

Human/Vehicle Detection: The bundled software boasts exceptional capabilities for discerning human and vehicle activities, particularly in scenarios involving line crossing or intrusion detection zones. This technology represents a significant advancement beyond conventional smart motion detection. Users have the flexibility to specify their triggers precisely. For instance, imagine setting up a line crossing feature along a road. With this system, you can configure it to disregard human movements, only activating alerts when vehicles traverse the defined boundaries.

Smart Settings: To further enhance motion detection accuracy and minimize false alarms stemming from passive movements, our system incorporates intelligent settings. These settings can be conveniently configured within the recorder, offering precise control over motion detection. Two key modes stand out:

·        Tripwire: This mode allows you to draw a virtual line over a designated area, such as a footpath, driveway, door entrance, or corridor. When a substantial object crosses this defined line, it triggers the alert. This is ideal for scenarios where you want to monitor specific routes or boundaries.

·        Intrusion: Similar to motion detection, the intrusion mode lets you draw a zone over an area of interest. However, it's more sophisticated and permits passive movement within the specified zone up to a certain threshold. If any part of the zone experiences activity beyond this threshold, it triggers the intrusion alert. This feature accounts for slight movements like raindrops or leaves, ensuring alerts are relevant.

Moreover, our AI-powered cameras take these capabilities to the next level. They can discern the nature of the triggers. For example, you can configure a tripwire to ignore human pedestrians but activate when a vehicle crosses it. This bidirectional functionality ensures that alerts are both precise and effective.

Our commitment to innovation and user-centric design enables us to provide you with these cutting-edge features, ensuring that your security and monitoring needs are met with unparalleled precision and flexibility.

For additional information on our Smart Settings and how they can benefit your specific requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Vehicle Detection




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